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We deliver a client-by-client approach to site audits, as each client is different and operate in their own way. For the majority of our clients, at the same time as issuing the ASB5 notification of NNLW notification to the enforcing authority, they also forward the submission to us. This means that we randomly select jobs, which in all honestly, gives the client a true indication of how their company is performing instead of relying on pre-determined site visits.


We don’t only look at the asbestos issues, but we also assess all health and safety risks, external factors, management systems on site, emergency procedures and the personnel themselves.


The information we provide is a lot more than a ‘tick sheet’ and gives the client REAL information that they can use in the continual improvement of their operation. These audits are not only related to notifiable projects, but can be tailored to non-notifiable projects as well and can be undertaken in line with your existing management systems.


Our site audit service is not only available to licensed asbestos removal contractors and non-licensed asbestos contractors. We also conduct site audits on behalf of duty holders and those responsible for appointing asbestos works to be undertaken. We conduct our site audits on the contractor using highly experienced asbestos consultants within Entec and report our findings back to you so you are up to date with the progress of the works and the standard of workmanship being achieved. This service can also be used if you are vetting contractors as part of a contract appointment in line with your HSEQ management system or tender process.


For more information on our site audit services contact Mark Watkins on 01343 553959 or email