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Serviced by our highly experienced and trained surveyors we have a huge understanding of the region and what affects asbestos operations in these areas. We know what we are looking for. We know how to manage the risks and that is exactly what we do for our clients; mitigate risk. Entec are a valuable asset to any organisation in the area with asbestos remediation needs.


The area is subject to constant growth. Whilst boasting stunning architecture from early construction with extensive development of the area, asbestos has been widely used during re-developments since the early 1900’s in order to sustain the necessary growth which has put the area on the map of the world market place.


There are not many re-development sites in the area that will not have asbestos to deal with. Firstly, at the planning stage, the material needs to be identified. This is essential, as it ensures the safety of the people involved with the project. Secondly, it allows the removal of the asbestos (if necessary) to be procured successfully and timeously to ensure projects perform to the required targets. For both of these stages, Entec have been working with our clients to ensure that this is accomplished.


If you have a project in this area, do not hesitate to contact us on 01224 900223 or email